About Kintaro

EU Regulated Crypto Investments

In February 2019, Kintaro Capital, a venture of the Konfidio blockchain studio, obtained formal approval of its PIF license from the MFSA. This makes it one of the first regulated crypto funds for qualifying investors under Maltese law.

Malta complies with all EU financial and regulatory laws governing investor protection and financial instruments. The license allows Kintaro clients to strategically invest in alternatives to fiat based instruments. 

With close collaboration from Fexserv Fund Services (Malta) Ltd and Kintaro Capital’s team of researchers and portfolio managers, the fund looks forward to a bright and promising future in crypto investment.

Combined Corporate & Crypto Experience

Kintaro's investment committee consists of arguably the most experienced team in the space; a mix of traditional hedge fund managers, FX and fixed income managers, experienced VCs and early blockchain adopters.

The committee also has access to Konfidio’s wealth of crypto-experienced staff, from research through to development and communications.

Our Proprietary Research

As part of the Konfidio family, Kintaro Capital utilises the venture studio’s unique position within the Berlin ecosystem. Konfidio's work for governments and Fortune 500 companies adds to the blockchain knowledge base of the fund.

Customized research is available to those commissioning one-off reports into selected assets.

The Kintaro researchers undertake detailed analyses of requested tokens in the provision of independent reports. Startups fundraising with tokens can also request valuation reports.

Kintaro Token Canvas & Analysis Methods

Strategy & Market
Business model and market-product fit; potential marketplace value
Team’s educational background, industry expertise and experience
Typology, functionality and role of the token in the market
Token Governance
Supply, distribution and incentive mechanic. Token flow in business model
Network Effects
Current & potential future usage of the token and platform economics
TechTechnological feasibility and quality of the project
Legal viability
Legal status, investor protections and potential legal issues
STO plan, development timeline, PoCs and potential outcomes
Fraud Analysis
Points of similarity with other frauds and ponzi-schemes


Metcalfe’s Law Valuation

PMR Analysis

NVT Analysis

Equation of Exchange


Full Access to Sentiment

Crypto & Social Trends

50+ On-chain Metrics

1200+ Assets Tracked


Moving Averages



Transaction Volume


Strategy & Market



Token Governance

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