Investing in the next frontier of digital innovation

A Professional Investor Fund for accredited and institutional investors regulated under the Malta PIF regime

About Kintaro Capital

Kintaro Capital is convinced of the long-term value of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

There will be an acceleration on business built on decentralized platforms based on coins or tokens. Start-ups and businesses will follow the ITO route through security or access tokens.

Given the complexity of cryptocurrencies, the most efficient way to participate is through an investment fund managed by crypto experts and professionals with a breadth of asset management experience.

Our Mission

Kintaro is focused on private and institutional investors.  Our goal is to help them profit from the complex market of cryptoeconomics.

We facilitate strategic investments in alternatives to fiat-based financial instruments. We leverage our crypto-economic experience and our research and data analytics expertise to target high yields in the blockchain sector.

Our thematic investment approach and systematic trading philosophies help us reduce and manage the inherent risks.

Investment Objectives

The fund objective is to achieve the highest absolute total return while maximizing long term growth. This will be achieved by investing in a portfolio of selective crypto-assets and exchange-listed equities with a focus on companies involved, or associated, with digital and technological innovation.

Max. 20%
In any single investment
Up to 90%
in crypto-assets
Up to 50%
In listed equities
Max. 10X
leverage on futures

Blockchain Reports

The Kintaro Capital fund is led by an investment committee that includes traditional hedge fund managers, experienced VCs and early adopter technologists in the blockchain space.

The portfolio manager and investment committee are supported by an energetic team of researchers and financial analysts.

We will periodically publish examples of our analysis to showcase the depth and diligence of our team.

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Kintaro Capital


Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry

Mervyn is the founder & CEO of the Konfidio blockchain venture studio focused on decentralized apps and AI.

Besides developing Enterprise Blockchain solutions for clients like ZF and Enovos he’s also on the board of promising blockchain projects including German based IoT startup,

  1. 2017

    Kintaro Capital

  2. 2017

    Konfidio, Blockchain Venture Studio

    Founder & CEO
  3. 2015


    Managing Partner: Digital Strategy & Transformation Lead, Blockchain Practice
  4. 2010


    Global Managing Partner: Digital Strategy & Transformation
  5. 2005

    Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank Group COO: Analytics and Information Services, Investment & Retail Banks